Illinois Subdivision of the Division for Early Childhood of the Council for Exceptional Children


Jeanette A. McCollum Award for Service to the Field
2007 Awardee

Ted Burke

Ted Burke began working in Illinois as an administrator for a Head Start program in the Rockford area. He has subsequently held a variety of roles in Illinois’ early intervention system, including serving as a Child and Family Connections manager for two CFC’s in suburban Cook County. Currently, he is the Director of Illinois’ early intervention training program where he coordinates trainings, regional conferences and a variety of other professional development activities. He has also brought Illinois training programs into the technology age. For example, Sarah Nichols, a regional training consultant and service coordinator, stated that “Ted’s innovative ideas have put him on the cutting edge when it comes to online learning. He presented a poster session related to online learning at DEC 2006 and will do so again in 2007. Better, more efficient training techniques will only provide earlier learning opportunities for new professionals as well as ongoing support to those already working with children and families.”

Ted has participated on numerous committees and professional organizations, and is a strong advocate for young children and their families as evidenced by his letters of nomination. Kirsten Hammock, Part C Coordinator for Kentucky’s First Steps program, wrote the following:

“Ted is a vocal advocate for young children with special needs and their families. He has spear-headed grass roots efforts to benefit Illinois’ children and families as well as championed national campaigns for young children through groups like the Division for Early Childhood of the Council for Exceptional Children.”

IDEC congratulates Ted Burke for his work and advocacy on behalf of young children with disabilities and their families!

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